NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The NLP technique studies how non-verbal language, thoughts, other people, places and thought-creating situations influence the nervous system and brain via emotions through our senses – this is what neuro stands for. Likewise, the technique studies how the verbal language affects emotions via the senses – this is what linguistic stands for. With the help of the neuro-linguistic system, we can consciously install a plan – this is what programming stands for. Conscious work with the neuro-linguistic system helps us bring forth the resources we possess so we can use them when we are installing a plan. We use the plan as a procedure for achieving change in our behavior.

The goal is simply to know and employ various methods by which we can communicate with our brain in a logical and immediate manner. To be able to do this we use imagination, feelings and body expression. We examine how ‘believing’ in something can either block or encourage emotions, action and physical appearance.
What we say to ourselves, what we imagine, the way we move and use our body and facial expression all indicate how much of our knowledge we actually use. In everyday life we do not think about such things. If one wants to start using the resources one actually possesses, it is wise to become aware of these through different exercises and streams of thought. These exercises and streams of thought can be viewed as mental and emotional tools.
Our ability to master communication in the outer world is crucial for our relation to others both emotionally and socially. What is even more important is your relation to yourself, your inner relation, your inner joy, balance and confidence in yourself. Everything depends on how you communicate with yourself. Our emotions are not triggered by the events that occur in our lives, but by how we interpret these events.
When problems appear in your life, you can choose to feel sorry for yourself or you can choose to make sure you learn something from the problem. It is important to be aware of the fact that problems in this context are what we humans can experience as something that feels unsolvable. We do not understand how we can move forward and thus we push aside what feels like a problem.

It is important to differentiate between a traumatized body, soul and mind that requires psychological or psychiatric assistance, and non-traumatizing human problems. This book is about the usual human problems that most of us must contend with sometime in life.
Everything depends on how we deal with what happens. It is actually you yourself who chooses to decide how you will feel and act based on how you choose to perceive your life and your problems. Most of us have set this interpretation process on autopilot, yet we can take ‘the power’ back and change how we experience the world.
Many experience their states of mind and what they think about as things beyond their control. The truth is that you can influence your thought activity and behavior in ways you have been unaware of or believe are impossible, just by using the brain’s fantastic abilities.
We perform the process of creating certain emotional states by controlling our inner communication. Through various techniques you can practice eliminating the mental images you feel you no longer have any use for. This will help you to program in new and appropriate mental and emotional patterns. Gradually, you begin to do/say things on ‘autopilot’ because this is now the new pattern. This is how the brain functions.
Most of the mental images used in this book during the guidance sessions are not described. The choice of images will always depend upon the individual’s/group’s inner picture and history at the present moment. In this book there are some descriptions of general exercises related to some sections of the Potensia Guide.
When we humans choose to do something consciously, we will be able to change inappropriate patterns much quicker. These are resources we all possess. It’s just a matter of knowing how one can become consciously engaged. We all have an unused potential that we can harness and use with the help of these techniques. Feelings are always linked to how we communicate with ourselves and the surrounding world.  Therefore, it is important to know what one feels regarding, for example, a situation, a person, an experience and above all oneself.

In our society we are programmed to use our head more than our heart. We do many things because others demand it. To be able to be a whole person, you must listen to what you feel; in other words what you feel in your heart. Then you will be able to determine whether something being demanded of you is something you yourself want or something which others want. If we go against the feelings in our heart, sooner or later the result will always be some kind of chaos in our lives. We can become sick, unhappy, stressed and we can ‘lose ourselves’. We may end up like robotic zombies and in the end feel as though we are standing outside ourselves both mentally and physically. When this happens it is not easy to be a good parent, partner, colleague, friend, leader or neighbor.

The Potensia® Method will help you get to the place where your inner self actually knows you want to be. This technique will make you aware of the resources you possess in order to become who you want to be. It’s all about the potential you have as a human being.