What kind of book is this?
This is not a self-help book that asks you to do this or that and voilà… you have found your potential and want to be happy the rest of your life!
However, just by reading this book YOUR OWN PROCESS is initiated in relation to bringing forth THAT which is YOUR POTENTIAL. If you wish and when you have read the Guide at the end of the book, you may follow all or parts of the Guide. So this is not a book which conveys the message that you must follow a specific path in a certain way in order to achieve results. It is YOU who decides what you want, and it is only YOU who knows what you need. We are all unique and the only thing that is applicable to everyone is the fact that if we DON’T listen to what we feel deep inside, then our path in life will be much more difficult than it needs to be. By first listening to your heart’s message and then going into your thoughts with this message, there will always be a shortcut to reach what is right for you.

What is the book about?
The book is about all kinds of people in different walks of life who wanted to somehow make changes in their lives. What they have in common is that they all wanted to bring forth their potential – those unused resources which we all have but don’t always see and understand because we have somehow blocked ourselves.
Some wanted to examine their path in terms of their relationships, others in relation to the road ahead in life or in connection with their careers.

What is the Potensia® Method?
This is a method that shows you how you can find your path so you can communicate with yourself and the surrounding world in a credible manner and thus be able to reach your goals. If you understand how to play on the same team as your brain and physical abilities, you will be able to consciously make beneficial changes in your mindset which benefit you. That is the Potensia® Method.

What is the method based on?
The Potensia® Method is based on actual knowledge about how the brain, our senses and body all function in interaction.

How long does it take before I notice change in my life?
That depends entirely on you. Those who come to coaching usually come every other week, and they have then been assigned exercises that we agree they should do in between sessions. If they have worked with these exercises, they will notice change in themselves upon each new session. If you do not attend coaching sessions, but are instead guiding yourself by reading and working according to the book, then it is you who decides how quickly you want to move on to the next exercise.

Will I notice changes in my mindset if I don’t do the exercises?
Just by reading the book you will notice change – it happens while you read it. In basic everyday situations you will start to think: “That’s just what the book says!” This will lead to you wanting to use the tools discussed in the book out of pure curiosity to see whether it works. While the book itself initiates a process, don’t forget that you would not have bought the book had you not wanted to make positive changes. Also keep in mind that we are all very different and it will take each of us a different amount of time before we implement a new mindset in which we feel we ourselves own our thoughts. The book is only a guide – it is YOU who decides what and when you want to change.

What is the background of author Tina Hessel?
I am Swedish but have lived in Norway since 1976. At the University of Stockholm I studied: Film Science, Social Anthropology and Pedagogy. Thereafter I became trained as a physiotherapist in Oslo. Starting in 1980, I worked with dancers for 13 years at The Norwegian Opera and Ballet. The same year I started to teach in Functional Dance Anatomy at the National Ballet Academy where I still lecture in the same subject as an assistant professor. Over the years I have written books on this subject. Functional Dance Anatomy is my latest book and is published in both Norwegian and English. In Norway it may be purchased in bookstores and from www.bokkilden.no, while the English edition is available from the publisher www.vettogviten.no.
After my time at the Opera I opened my own clinic www.links-ofd.no in Oslo where we offer physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage therapy treatment, in addition to giving classes for those who come to train Pilates and educating instructors in the UHM® Pilates technique as well as coaching with the help of the Potensia® Method.
In 1990 I became trained as a Pilates instructor in USA. Over a period of 16 years I developed a special instruction methodology for instructors that is called the ‘Universal Hessel Method’, or the UHM® Pilates method. This method is about how one, as the receiver of movement, can teach oneself to master the movements in a quick and correct manner.
In 1999 I started my training in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). The Potensia® Method is built upon my knowledge on the interaction between the physical body and our senses in relation to internal communication with ourselves and how it characterizes our communication with the surrounding world. When we can communicate with ourselves so that we achieve what we want and think in the form of goal-oriented actions, we no longer need to use much unnecessary energy on things we actually don’t want. The Potensia® Method evolved from my having seen my coaching clients find their path to move forward along. The Guide at the end of the book includes the points which my clients have followed in order to rid themselves of all that they no longer want, so they can receive what they do want. I have personally followed the guide and still do so. It is a lifelong EXCITING game.

Who can use the method?
People of all ages can use the method, as long as they are psychologically healthy.

Can I make an appointment for Potensia® coaching?
If you live in Norway you can make an appointment with me. If you reside in another country, I can come and give a course in the method.  The least number of course participants is 10, while the maximum number is unlimited. You may make an appointment or set up a course by writing to: info@potensia.com.

How often do I need to come to Potensia® coaching sessions?
This depends on who you are. Anywhere from five to ten times is normal, the most usual being five sessions with two weeks between each visit.

What does it cost?
The first session takes 2 hours and will cost NOK 1900,- Otherwise the prices are as follows:
1 hour                    NOK 1200,-

Webinar is free, please follow on facebook to get updated about coming webinars and sign up for online courses!

How long is the course if you teach a group?
We are together for three days from 9am to 5pm.

What does the course cost?
This depends on the number of course participants and the location of the course. The price will be negotiated with those arranging the course.

Can you come and give a lecture on Potensia® coaching?
Yes, I can do this. Contact me and we will find out where and when. Please write to: info@potensia.com