By Kenny Corrison August 22, 2017
This book is a breeze…a walk in the park. You feel your own greater potential growing within you as you are taken on a journey direct to your own heart. There is no nagging, no “should’ve, would’ve, could’ve”, just the joy of realising that you can connect, that we are all different in our ways, and that this is what can make us work best with our own energies. I found this the very first book with a corporate, multitalented message that serves to open the heart, charge and inspire the reader; and yet there is no control, no enforcement and certainly no need to have to go back and re read pages because you didn’t quite get something, or that you lost interest! Tina Hessel has written a riveting and immensely powerful masterpiece in plain, understandable English, which is am achievement in itself. She is motivational and the book carries through a process we can all relate to; as the subject herself uses Potensia to the greatest effect, and this changes her life! It will choose yours too, if you just let its subtle message wash over you, and eliminate that which you can. Indeed I found this book hard to put down….and I am very honoured to be able to recommend it, in a heartbeat!

Kenny Corris, C.Ed. Dip.D.Ed (London), M.I.H.A.F.

Kenny Corris is a working Therapist, Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher and Healer:

By Eva Storsveen October 10, 2017
This is not your common self-help book! The author, Tina Hessel, takes you by the hand and leads you, with warmth and understanding, to a better place. If you by any chance should feel tired, unfocused, unconcentrated, unfulfilled, she will follow you step by step to a greater awareness of how the world around you has helped shape your concepts and the way you interact with others. By focusing more on your true feelings – what is in your heart – and less on demands from the outside world, you may set your own goals in life and pursue them with courage and commitment.

Through examples and conversations from her coaching practice, Tina Hessel guides you through her system of questions, meditations, exercises and visualizations in the gentlest way and encourages you to take your time and be kind to yourself. This book is inspiring and highly readable!

By E. Hjorth on October 10, 2017
The title of the book was what caught my attention in the first place. Potensia, what does it mean? I had to dive into the pages to be able to find an answer.
I found it. The more I read, the more interested I became – in the topic itself and in the technique. It is like the author, Tina Hessel, is speaking directly to me in a very clear way which I find very stimulating. It is not a matter of telling me what to do, but rather reminding me of what is important in life. I loved every minute of it.
Now I try to live according to my full potential and to my heart, I try to embrace my feelings and to let go of the grip from the constant companion; the judge on my shoulder
So yes, this is a book which I highly recommend.
By Anthony on September 30, 2017
Amazing book, this is not a self help book.
It is a consciousness opening book, The author
is never saying: you have to do this…………
the book gets you to think and the author suggests
how I can do it.

I am walking my own path in a different way, because,
I have set a different mindset, through using the method in the book.

I wanted to take out all my potential and I have.
as the author Tina Hessel says: It is a never ending task, because
we always have to calibrate our consciousness day by day.

I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who wants to develop a
higher state of consciousness and to have fun along the way.

By Anne Vaehle on October 18, 2017
If you are more than average interested in psychology (like me!) and self-development, then I can reccomend Tina Hessels book Potensia, Living according to Your heart. She invites the reader along in a coaching-process with one of her clients. All the steps in her method for change is given a personalized meaning through the story of “Katharina”`s process for life change. The author also generously shares episodes and reflections from her own life and processes. A step-by-step guide with excercises in the last part of the book makes this little book a very useable tool as well as a good read!