I started working on this book in the autumn of 2004, and in the summer of 2006 I began to write it. Potensia describes inner and outer personal journeys, and has led to positive change in many lives by following a method. A guide has been formulated for this method which is also included in this book. The purpose of following this guide is to help the reader bring forth their unused potential.
The book is a description of how you the reader can work with your inner self with the help of the Potensia Guide. You may also use the contents of this book to explore and better understand yourself. The Guide describes a system of mental and emotional exercises that will lead you further along your personal path. Eventually you will be able to consciously discover your real potential.
I have included several examples from other people’s work with the method, so that you can understand what happens when you follow the Potensia Guide. The purpose of this book is to help you discover your potential and get rid of undesirable thoughts and patterns. You will discover what your heart really desires simply by removing blocking thoughts. If you know what you truly want, it is not difficult to make conscious changes in your life that you feel good about. Those changes that you need to make will become obvious.

I have collected the knowledge in this book over the past twenty years. The experiences I have gathered throughout my life, through work with myself and then with my clients that have come to me for guidance (Potensia coaching) on how to move on in their lives.
The method of the Potensia Guide addresses how we can find our way back to the person we innermost want to be. In today’s world it is incredibly easy to lose oneself. We are bombarded with information, other people’s thoughts and noise such as machines, television, cars and talk. It is demanded of us that everything be performed quickly, correctly and preferably perfectly. With so much noise around us it is easy to lose ourselves, and finally everyone else is creating thoughts in our heads – inner noise and noise in the head. We become stressed, we catch a cold, and we are no longer so fun to be around. Finally, we can become sick or else we numb ourselves in different ways if we do not cease what we are doing and make changes.

With the Potensia Method you will be able to teach yourself to make decisions so you no longer explore your thoughts first, as we have been taught to do, but instead check your feelings first. In other words, you feel your emotions in relation to a situation, a thought, a person or place. This is what I call feeling with your heart, thinking with the heart and seeing with the heart. This Method will call forth your potential.

The old way of doing this and the way most of us have learned is to check our thoughts and head immediately and then come up with viewpoints and thoughts. The head method, as I call it, causes us to lose the essence in relation to a situation, others’ thoughts, other people and places. We deprive ourselves of the fantastic chance only human beings have of using the senses, being an observer and feeling how things feel, before coming up with viewpoints and acting and communicating.

Consciously practicing feeling the emotions in our hearts will ultimately become a natural part of ourselves. Then our viewpoints, actions and words will flow even faster than they did with the old head method. Feeling with the heart also becomes the direct shortcut to a correct decision, thought or action, since we no longer waste much time on unnecessary thinking that often confuses the clearness in our thoughts. These are thoughts that would previously steal much time and energy, easily causing us to lose our ability of knowing which direction we want to take in order to move forward.

Think how many times in your life you have said to yourself: “If only I had listened to what I first felt!” But then all the “noise” came and confused you, and instead of following what your heart told you that you should have done or said, you listened to others’ viewpoints and what you thought those around you and the society you live in demanded of you. Meanwhile, we should appreciate the experience gained from having taken all the detours, otherwise we would not be aware of how unnecessary they are. Our body is built in such a way that it tells us when something is wrong for us! Thus it is wise to listen to the body’s signals. If you feel uneasy or become nauseous from being in a situation or together with a certain person and you ignore this, the outcome will always be negative for you!
It is with great pleasure that I have been able to witness how the Potensia Guide has provided quick and lasting results for many. This technique has been successful because it is based on the study of how our brain, senses, the mind, our thought patterns and the physical body all interact with one another. We absorb and remember experiences via our senses. We interpret our lives based on our background and experiences. Everything is stored in the brain. If we go into our storage system via our senses and emotions, we will be able to bring forth what we need in order to exploit our unused potential that is just laying there waiting to be called upon.
The Potensia Method is a mental and emotional sorting tool that will help you discover what feels right for you. The exercises in this book are based on your taking time to use your thoughts and senses, so the decisions you make reflect what you really feel. When you have practiced doing this, you will eventually become one of those persons that can quickly make correct decisions based on the thoughts and senses. It is all about really feeling and daring to be honest in relation to yourself, having courage, and thinking a bit differently than you are perhaps used to doing.

The Potensia Method is about transforming inappropriate ways of thinking that block you from making appropriate changes in your life, so that you will be able to use your potential.