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introducing tina

Tina is the founder and creator of the Potensia®Method™. 

And although Swedish, Tina has made Norway her home having now lived there since 1976.Tina studied film science, social anthropology and pedagogy at the University of Stockholm before going on to study physiotherapy in Oslo.

As a qualified physiotherapist, in 1980, Tina began working with dancers at The Norwegian Opera and Ballet, before progressing into teaching students Functional Dance Anatomy at the National Ballet Academy. As an Assistant Professor, Tina continued her lectures until 2018.

In addition to her successful career as an assistant professor, Tina has written books on several subjects including functional dance anatomy and the Potensia®Method™.

In 1990, Tina had the opportunity to travel to the USA to study Pilates and the training technique.  Over a period of 16 years, Tina developed a special instruction methodology which is called the Universal Hessel Method = UHM® Pilates.

This method is about how one, as the receiver of the taught movement, can master the movements in a quick and correct manner due to how the brain receives information through the ears, eyes and movements.

Fascinated by how the brain works, Tina began to learn about NLP and started training to become a Practitioner In 1999 in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

The Potensia®Method™.is built upon Tina’s knowledge on the interaction between the physical body and our senses in relation to internal communication with ourselves. It is this that characterizes our communication with the surrounding world.

When we can communicate with ourselves so that we achieve what we want and think in the form of goal-oriented actions, we no longer need to use much unnecessary energy on things we actually do not want.

The Potensia®Method™ evolved up through the years as Tina observed her clients find their path to move forward through the tools she provided them with. It is a life-long exiting game for those who have started on this journey.

During Tina’s time at the Opera, she also opened her own clinic in Oslo. Specializing in dance medicine, physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage therapy treatment. 

They gave classes for those who came to train Pilates and educated instructors in the UHM® Pilates technique and also offered Potensia® coaching, both one to one and for groups.

Tina continues to focus her teaching on UHM® Pilates and Potensia® both online and offline in her own studio.

Live life to the fullest

Enjoy. Explore. Discover.

As well as being a qualified Pilates teacher, physiotherapist and NLP practitioner, Tina is also a successful author

Tina used her skills, knowledge and eperience to create and build the Potensia® Method and is highly sought after 

Tina provides one to one life remastering sessions that will help reset the brain and its behviour resulting in better communiction aand more confidence


Potensia Method helps me to sort out my thoughts and my desires, and it helps me to ground myself when I feel everything around me is chaotic and doesn't make sense. After I started to utilize the exercises and the principles of Potensia®, something started to change. Things, persons, situations according to my heart begun to come to me effortlessly and I can experience more movement in previous fixed situations. Potensia® is powerful and the power is within yourself!
Ewa Sivertsen
Dance Instructor & Physiotherapist

A Word from tina...

why Potensia® was created

I remember what a relief it was to wake up in the morning, just feeling happy.

Going to bed and really sleeping, without churning thoughts that kept me awake, was a new experience.

Feeling content, just thinking about that now I knew how to say things without fear, was a new sensation.

Most important I had learned how to communicate with myself through ALWAYS being faithful towards my self.

Through learning how the brain and the body cooperate it was not difficult to be faithful towards my self.
 That lead to that the old fear to say what I wished in different situations actually disappeared. 

At the same time my pains and aches in head/neck/shoulder and sometimes the stomach, disappeared due to my muscle tensions and churning thoughts day and night. 

This emotional release lead to that I could open many new doors I did not even know existed before I started to use the Method. 

I learned that being able to always be faithful to my self, I had to listen both to my heart and my thoughts and when they were in agreement, it was time for me to say what I wished.

Through this I learned to use my emotional intelligence which is one of the most important tools in communication. 

I saw that the work I did with myself released unused resources, my potential on different levels. The same thing happened with my clients. 

One very important knowledge was not to allow my mind to get blocked, due to upbringing, culture or what others say. 

I changed my mindset and could therefore turn negative situations into positive learning. 

Developing the Method and always having success with it made me in the end write a book about it: «Potensia Living according to Your Heart» 

At the moment I am writing the second book about the Potensia® Method. It is about being faithful towards one self, which actually is the key to become a courageous communicator.


Tina Hessel



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