This book is a breeze, a walk in the park. You feel your own great potential growing within in you as you are taken on a journey direct to your own heart. There is no nagging, no, “should’ve, would’ve, could’ve” just the joy of realising that you can connect, that we are all different in our ways and that this is what can make us work with our own energies. I found this the very first book with a corporate, multitalented message that serves to open the heart, charge and inspire the reader; and yet there is no control, no enforcement and certainly no reading back a few pages because you didn’t quite get something, or you lost interest somewhere. Tina Hessel has written a riveting and immensely powerful masterpiece in plain understandable English, which is an achievement in itself! She is motivational and the book carries through a person´s process we can all relate to; as she herself uses Potensia to the greatest effect, and it serves to succeed in changing her life. It will change yours too, with no preaching, if you just let its subtle message wash over you, and eliminate that which you are highly encouraged to do on the way. I found it hard to put down!

Kenny Corris, C.Ed. Dip.D.Ed (London), M.I.H.A.F.

Kenny Corris is a working Therapist, Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher and Healer: