Potensia living according to your heart  is the story of people wanting to move  forward in their lives. In this book you will learn how to turn inappropriate thought patterns that are blocking your life flow, into purposeful thought patterns that are based on your heart feeling.It is no quick fix methodology, but instead slow nourishment for the mind and body. The heart never lies!  By consciously integrating your feelings and the new thought patterns into your rational side that are right for you, you bring out your potential. Self-awareness is activated within you just by reading this book. Suddenly you notice you have embarked on a self-regulating process. Useless thoughts will no longer fill your head and, finally, you will own your own thoughts. Now you have the confidence to be the real You. The Potensia Method shows you what every situation ultimately boils down to: Being able to communicate with your own feelings, so you can communicate with others in a credible manner.


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